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Melinda Lee, instructor of Theta Healing, whom Melissa is certified by, states “Theta Healing is the reemergence of a simple and effective ancient technique that aligns and heals the powerful triad of the body, subconscious mind, and spirit. It opens a person to fully receive the gifts of the universe, ultimately, helping us all to evolve our DNA to aid in personal and planetary transformation and healing.” Roger Yahnke said, “When we heal ourselves, we heal the world.” This technique guides us to a deep healing state of consciousness, by accessing the Theta brain wave. In this state, one has direct access to the Creator of All That Is/God Consciousness: thus, making all things possible! In this state you can:
* Change Subconscious limiting and outdated beliefs for positive ones on a core, genetic, and soul level, and resolve them on a history level.
* Experience emotions you may never have experienced before, such as, how it feels to be nurtured, to be unconditionally loved & accepted, to be joyful, worthy, abundant, etc.
*Rid yourself of your deepest fears & sorrows: feel safe, protected and free.
* Release any physical imbalances or “dis-eases” in your body and feel healthy, balanced, and rejuvenated.
* Identify core beliefs blocking you from losing weight, making more money, expanding your business, and living the life you desire.
* Manifest a new soul mate.
* Free yourself from past relationships and reclaim your body, mind, and spirit.
* Connect to your higher self and step into your complete power.
* Deeply open to connect to Source, All That Is, the Divine
* Connect with your Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, or deceased loved ones.
* Facilitate gene replacement to shift disease on an emotional, physical, & spiritual level.
* Activate all 12 DNA strands and reverse the aging process.
* Heal bacteria, viruses, fungi, pain syndromes, allergies genetic defects, bones, kidney stones, hepatitis C, herpes, tumors, cancers, balance the brain chemicals to clear depression, and to protect the body from disease and much, much, more! The Healing Triad of Theta Healing Together, the client, the facilitator, and source, form a powerful healing triad. Source does the healing, the facilitator does the loving, listening, and witnessing, and the client assesses his or her free will to make the desired changes in his or her life.
Other Services Offered:
* Emotional Aromatic Touch: chakra clearing w/E. O.’s.
* Physical Aromatic Touch: aligns spine & decreases pain.
* Frequency Generator: Come try it. Covers everything from A to Z.
* Compass Reading: This is a computer generated hand scan that tells you what Be Young Essential Oils to use for your health.
* Kangen Water: A medicinal H2O that balances the body.
ANS Cardio Assessments (Click here for details)


Founder of the Emotion Code, Dr. Bradley Nelson, discovered that you can simply erase blocked or trapped emotions through MRT (Muscle Response Testing) and running a magnet on the pathway of the governing meridian. Eliminate the long process of talking about your past and clear your negative emotions in just minutes!

ANS Cardio Assessments


This relaxing modality allows you to clear emotional traumas by clearing your chakras with eight Be Young Essential Oils. It is done while laying on a massage table and just taking it all in.


This relaxing modality allows you to decrease pain, reverse scoliosis, and improve your health with your ten body systems while you relax on the massage table. While using 8 BE Young essential oils on the feet and the spine and taking it all in. Clients can request emotional processing, emotion code, THETA healing, and brain integration to be added to your physical aromatic touch session.


Often what we experience in present time is a reflection of the past. We either choose to move away from the past so we are not controlled by it, or we repeat the past. Either way, we make certain choices about the past that still affect us today. As adults, there may be times when many of us make new choices about our negative belief systems. We can choose to heal the beliefs and behavior patterns we’ve created by going to the heart. The heart is the long-term memory and in order to change beliefs and behaviors that are not working, the heart is the place to go to heal. Anger and sadness that have been stored for many years cannot be healed just by using the mind. Processing takes us to the “cause.” Great change happens when we go to the heart of the issue and find out why the two year old inside of us keeps getting angry and why that sadness can never find comfort. As soon as the two year old can get his/her needs met at age two, on an emotional level, then in present time we no longer need to act out that old immature behavior. Processing helps us to forgive those who have hurt us, to give and receive love honestly, and to have more joy and peace in our lives. As we change our experiences and perceptions of the future, we can mature emotionally, be more effective in our communication, and release emotional and physical toxins that affect the functions of the body. Our health can be greatly improved when we use the power of the mind, body, and spirit to bring about healing and well-being. “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Albert Einstein


In the 1920's, Dr. Royal Rife, discovered how to eliminate harmful micro-organisms, such as the BY & BX virus, which is responsible for causing cancer, as well as bacteria's, parasites, molds & fungus's, toxins & heavy metals. Learn more about our top of the line frequency generators by studying from this documentary below.


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